Sale: OSIM Promotion in October '13

This is NOT an Advertorial.

OSIM uInfinity $6,988 (u.p. $7,988)

In the month of October, every OSIM uInfinity purchase entitles you to a sure-win lucky spin to win up to $888 worth of OSIM products! 

The Bear and I are really tired of paying a little too much for the expensive massage packages which increases every other month. During one of our most recent Javanese massage session, the receptionist updated us again on the increase in pricing for the upcoming packages as ours was expiring soon. We were convinced this was not going to be a sustainable relief for the both of us who suffer very bad backaches.

We contemplated several options including investing in a chair. Needless to say we have been trying several OSIM chairs for many months now (the first was when we were dragged to one chair each at an EXPO sale). Yes My idol is Andy Lau, and I verily believe my Andy will never endorse a lousy product. 

Since then it was only but a wishful thinking because of the hefty price tag even though they suggested a 0% interest free monthly instalment plan which we were not comfortably committing to. 

Instalment plan at a glimpse:

Best Denki Parkway Parade Level 2
$194 x 36 months
0% interest free instalments

During one of these 'free' trials and checking on the latest promotion available during our shopping strolls (Best Denki Parkway Parade Level 2), we were informed by an OSIM staff that one of the best promotion will be happening and we should not miss it because it was one of the most value for money deal. 

So we went yesterday and true enough, there was a very attractive promotion going on because it was the launch of Best Denki outlet at Parkway Parade. 

We would get:

1) One free camera from Best Denki
2) On top of that OSIM was giving away gifts worth up to $888
3) Trade in offers for Eye massagers at OSIM 
4) Green apples from Best Denki
5) Lucky draw coupons for a chance to win travel vouchers

The tip is to get Wendy Yang (H/P: 9150 5036), OSIM staff to help you with this purchase.

Thanks to Wendy who gave us tips on how to spin the wheel, we won an OSIM uBio worth $888! There are 2 sets left. (Best prize for your info, most roadshows are sold out already)

Every outlet is limited to give away 3 uBio and this promotion ends in October! If you are thinking of purchasing a massage chair, this is the best time to because apparently the prizes in the next few rounds of promotions will not be as attractive as this promotion. 

And if you want to win the uBio just like us, look for Wendy Yang at Best Denki Parkway Parade ASAP.

If you still need time to consider this hefty investment, you can still look for Wendy who may be able to offer you phased out OSIM chairs or even display units at a very much lower cost.

Our free camera from Best Denki

Bear was bent on getting one of these. So Wendy helped us with a really good plan and we purchased this at a really good trade-in deal which ends this month too. You have to discuss with her what your needs are and she will be able to advise you and of course, provide you with the best offer available, which may sometimes mean waiting for a roadshow or for her text messages.

Sold! Our chair will arrive in three days time yay!!!

This is NOT an Advertorial.