EBC Personal Self Storage

We've finally locked down a one-year storage unit at EBC for a really good value for money. 

I sought quotes from most of the major self storage warehouses in Singapore and EBC came back with the largest space and lowest cost (without GST too).  We checked out the units we would be renting, security, lighting, insurance etc and we are really pleased with our new storeroom! We even got an umbrella as a gift hehe~

Love these figurines! (Entrance to reception lounge area at EBC level 5)

We rented a 120sq ft space to store all our barang barangs that was just taking up too much space here at my parent's. Our apartment won't be ready until another 2 more years (fingers crossed) so it is likely we would even extend the lease of our storage space. 

As soon as we have moved and tidied up the entire room and living from clutter, it would be time to prepare for our nest/nursery so that our son has a clean and safe environment to grow up in.

I'm so excited about the move! Because this means I can shop more LOL!!!