Baby Shower: Yes or No

I'm having mixed emotions about hosting a Baby Shower for Baby Bubble. I've been exploring the following options:
- Hotels
- Restaurants/Cafés
- Chalet
- Simple Buffet set up at Home/Office
- Just distributing cakes to relatives only
- A Family Vacation to celebrate the milestone and buy what we love lol~

  • Most of the Hotels reverted with costs starting from at least $85+++ (excluding taxes) 
  • The Fullerton Hotel's Floating Pods offer - Click here to view
  • The Marriott Hotel's Birthday Packages - Click here to view
  • The cheapest quote came from Hotel Re with rates starting from $42+++ (excluding taxes). Click here to view the Hotel's Birthday Package Offer 
  • Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite - Click here to view
Buffet / Catering Services
Just distributing cakes to our closest relatives only
  • eCreative - Click here to view
  • Gin Thye - Click here to view
  • Katong Sin Chew Bakery at Blk 416, Bedok North Ave 2, #01-45 Singapore 460416
Family Vacation

  • Star Cruise
  • HongKong Disneyland
  • Aurora Hunting at Lappland
  • Korea
  • Western USA and Disneyland
  • Spain
After reviewing the list over and over again…. we thought we'd just have a more laid back celebratory announcement by distributing a few cakes to our closest relatives only. There is just too much hassle to plan and prepare for the party (especially knowing myself - always going into details with full of crazy ideas) This time I thought, I should spend my time cutting down my weight in peace, supergluebond with baby and his Pappy and then prepare for our first wedding anniversary celebration come Jan 2015.

Long distance vacation plans have also been shelved to the end of 2015 because HubBear wants our then toddler boy to enjoy any overseas vacation experience together with us. We are kind of set to explore the western side of USA and Disneyland. Meanwhile, we will continue to visit neighbouring countries for short getaways as well as enjoy local staycations.