Vacation 2014: Legoland Hotel, Malaysia (Kingdom Themed Room)

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Legoland Malaysia

We planned for a 3Days 2Nights June Holidays Vacation at Legoland earlier in April. I don't know if I was more excited or if the Bubbles were more excited about this trip to Malaysia. After reviewing the theme park map and Hotel information on the website and I knew we had to stay for at least 2 nights at the Legoland Hotel. 

There are three themes of Room types available at the Legoland Hotel. Every room in the 249 rooms at the Hotel is themed to the 3 popular lego lines- the Pirates, the Kingdom and the Adventure. 

Rooms come with two separate sleeping areas, on one side is a king-size bed for grown-ups, and in a separate area (next to the toilet), the Children's (for up to three little ones) = A bunk size bed, pull-out trundle bed and they have their very own TV!

All Deluxe and Suite Rooms can sleep up to 8 persons (Maximum 4 Adults per room)
All Standard and Premium Rooms can sleep up to 5 persons (Maximum 3 Adults per room)

At every corner of the Hotel, be greeted by these cute Lego Figurines and structures (all made of lego)

The lifts are our favourite. Every time we step into the lift, we will definitely dance to the disco music. Those well decorated lift and disco lights brings you into another dimension as soon as the lift door closes. We will never fail to laugh whenever we are inside these capsules. Unfortunately, one of the lift's music and disco light broke down and we were obviously dull and silent. So we kind of tried to 'catch' the lift that was working lol!

The door on the left leads to our Premium Kingdom Themed hotel room. The decorated room doors are so fanciful, HubBear says we should consider sticking up the doors of our Bubbles in our new apartment as well. A worthy consideration. And I like that 'fire stick' lighting too! The coloured walls are very bright and cheerful, makes the young and old HAPPY!


The Toilet

The left side belongs to the Adults, and the right side belongs to the Children. This means that Children need not tip toe or share Adults basin. Cool!

The Toilet layout is really thoughtful. Just maybe, they could have added small little pockets for the children's hand and bath towels.

The Complimentary Toiletries (just 2 Adult sets)

We thought they should have made these 4 sets to include the children's set. The packaging looks a little 'cheap' for the premium price of the room. Would have been cool if these toiletries could be enhanced to form part of the unique Lego toilet collectibles. I would certainly be drawn to stay at the hotel just to collect these 'not for sale' Lego Styled toiletries.

Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Soap are provided for in the Toilet so fret not if you forgot to bring your toiletries. You might want to buy the Hair Conditioner (and or other toiletries including sun block) at Medini Mall just beside the Legoland Hotel at a store called Zero Point (more on Medini Mall in another article).

I love the Mirror and its 'royal' frame! The toilet was also Styled Up with Spider, Lady Bird and a Crown made with Lego.


The Partitioned Rooms (Kids Loft and Adults)

As soon as we entered the room, we were greeted by this magnificent setup. The walls and carpet have been Kingdom themed, it was jaw dropping beautiful and captivating.

Children's Loft

The Bubbles were extremely excited and exclaimed with a big 'WOW! If only my room is just like that!' They quickly appointed who slept on which bed and switched on the TV. Our Bubbles chased us out to our side of the room and SHUT THE DOOR!

Naughty! Naughty!

More Lego Formations, I didn't know Lego can be so stylish!


Duplo Box

In every room in the Hotel comes with this set of Lego Bricks for the children to build during the stay. It definitely kept the Bubbles busy, too busy.
(Note: This box is not for keeps)


A Treasure Chest

The Bubbles FAILED their mission. They tried and tried and TRIED to break the code but still failed. HubBear finally stepped in to help them and THE CHEST IS FINALLY OPENED! More Lego bricks to build! These rewards were souvenirs from the Hotel to the Children. Very thoughtful concept.

We are curious what the Pirates and Adventure Themed rooms would look like though. We enjoyed our 2 nights stay at the Legoland Hotel, and will definitely stay again!

If you are a big fan of Lego, you might want to consider purchasing the slightly more expensive Legoland Premium Annual Passes (which we did *giggles*) at RM395 per child/adult. The Premium Annual Pass is valid for 12 months and allows you unlimited entries into the Water Park as well as Legoland Theme Park. Here's a table to show why you should get the Premium Annual Pass vs the Standard Pass:

The Premium pass is just RM120 more with MORE VALUE
Why the Premium:

  • You will enjoy substantial savings of 30% discount off F&B outlets (inside the parks)

  • We got 10% off Admission to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park!

  • Unlimited entry into the Water Park is a MUST!

  • 10% off the Photo and Retail products is really a Bonus! 

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