Every fall means an opportunity to get up

Andy Lau says that every one is number One. 

I've been so blown away at work that I hardly have time to network digitally and my goodness! I miss my social assets.... 

I love my life. It gets better each day! Being alive is the most wonderful experience. I am most awfully grateful to empty bodies = humans who intentionally acquire the impossible ability to become a bad example called Uselessness.

Earth cannot be Without bad examples, they are the very beautiful reasons you choose who you truly want to be! 

I have been very hard at work, my engine has boosted way further than I expected. I've explored so much so much so much information, and it seems time to me is never ever enough! 

Please invest that time in what is the best for mankind. I've made a choice a century back that I do not, and I will not, be wasting my time. So far, so outstandingly good. What goes around, will definitely come around. It's science and mathematics. Only delusional quacks call it religion lol! 

Time will always show one's true Smells. I love colors and every color is gorgeous. The art of living, is to understand the way. 
Greater happiness, is too powerful to understand that not every "body" can handle it. 

Oh well. 

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