HubBear and I have busy schedules, so we try to make it a point to gather in the living room after dinner with the Bubbles for family bonding. Usually we watch TV and discuss what's on. The other day, we saw this video playing on TV. A quick check, and I found out it’s playing in cinemas and online too!

Featured in the video are the following athletes: Derek Wong, badminton player who made Singaporean history by being the first Singaporean finalist in the men’s singles badminton event and winning a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games 2014.Timothy and Mark Lee, twin brothers and swimmers who compete as a pair in the synchronised 3m springboard and synchronised platformand individually in other swimming events. 

At the 27th SEA Games 2013, Timothy and Mark came in 2nd in the synchronised 3m springboard 

and 3rd in the synchronised platform event.Timothy also took the 4th place for theindividual 3m event. Saiyidahn Aisyah, rower who won Singapore’s first gold medal in rowing since 1997 in the 27th SEA Games 2013.

Micky, Charmaine, Premila, Hui Fen, andBaizura, netballers who were the champions of the prestigious Mission Foods Asian Netball Championships, held in September this year.They beat Sri Lanka in the grand finals to clinch the trophy. Jason Chee, para table tennis player who won a bronze medal in the 7th ASEAN Paralympics games held in January this year.

Can you spot them in the video?

My heart hurts for the athletes who have experienced negativity as shown in the video. They work hard at training every day, and have to balance their studies or work schedule around their training too. It’s a lot harder than how some of us had to balance busy CCAs like dance, band or drama around our packed school schedules. I remember some of my classmates used to cry because they were so stressed out.

I also found Jason Chee, who was featured in the video to be a really inspirational figure. I want to share this with my kids and all of you, especially how he has overcome the loss of his limbs and displayssuch a strong fighting spirit. He will be competing as part of Team Singapore in the ASEAN Para Games in Dec 2015. The ASEAN Para Games will be held after the 28th SEA Games. Both events will be hosted by Singapore. Home ground means more reason to bring home the trophies and medals right?

The 28th SEA Games will be held from 5 to 16 June in 2015, with the Singapore Sports Hub as the main venue for the Games. Next year will also be Singapore’s 50th anniversary, making the Games an extra special event for us! More than 7,000 athletes and officials from 36 sports will be arriving in Singapore. The theme of the upcoming SEA games is ‘Celebrate the Extraordinary’, and is aimed at celebrating the triumph of the human spirit, be it in sports or daily life. The Games emphasise that success is not just about being a champion, but inspiring the champion inside all of us! 

Jason Chee and his fellow athletes will be representing our little red dot in the 8th ASEAN Para Games in December 2015. The ASEAN Para Games is a biennial multi-sport event organised by the ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF) for athletes with disabilities. 

It will be hosted here for the first time in the history of the Games in conjunction with our 50th anniversary of independence. The eighth biennial Games will also wrap up Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations.

The SEA Games was a big thing in our family. 

When last year’s SEA Games was broadcast on TV, we gathered round to watch. We paid attention to the highlights and shared them with everyone else when they came home. The Games was our main topic of conversation. I think we became closer as a family because of it lol. Watching the SEA Games has also inspired the Bubbles to do sports. Quite good…they can expend extra energy and stay fit! Less trips to the doctor, haha. Maybe they will become the next national athlete too? Kidding! (But you never know!)

I also remember how happy we all were when Saiyidah Aisyahand Nicole Tan (shooting team, pistol) won two surprise gold medals for our country! Made me so proud to be Singaporean!

After watching the video and remembering our joy at the wins our athletes scored in the last SEA Games, I am reminded of the need for us Singaporeans to come together and be part of Team Singapore! Let’s do our part in helping Team Singapore win on our home ground next year! Send Team Singapore some positive words and energy by leaving a comment on the video to show them your support! These young men and women are striving hard to make our country proud, and deserve all the help we can give. 

Besides commenting on the video, you can also add your voice to the hashtag #OneTeamSG. You can share a positive photo, tweet or post inspirational words on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to cheer the athletes on!

Go Team Singapore!

This reminds me of Andy Lau's Music yo~