EZ Buy (formerly 65Daigou) Redefines The Online International Shopping Experience


Updated on 29 October 2019 = 65Daigou is now known as EZ Buy

65Daigou provides a fully integrated online international shopping experience across all its customer touchpoints, from browsing to checkout and delivery. 

A shopping and shipping agent of Chinese store, Taobao, and other international stores, 65Daigou breaks into the market and removes the language barrier by presenting an English version of all of Taobao’s product descriptions which were formerly in Mandarin. To create a truly user-friendly site, shipping charge is transparently displayed early in the online shopping process to eliminate uncertainty on shipping costs.

In addition to promising a reliable and efficient online international shopping experience, 65Daigou adopts a smart and secure integrated checkout technology that allows users to shop from multiple retailers and checkout with a unique one- time payment gateway. The cutting edge technology would automatically calculate and present the total shipping rate post-repacking with a meager agent fee, and enable users to pay for their purchases in one single click. With this technology, users can shop with a peace of mind knowing their order will be placed in no time, securely and hassle-free.

As an independent agent, 65Daigou’s customers are not only ensured of the price that they will pay during checkout, but also, an overall competitive pricing as compared to other platforms which engage sellers that mark up imported goods.

Pioneering the integrated checkout technology, as well as being the shopping and shipping agent of Taobao and other stores across China, Taiwan and USA, 65Daigou is able to offer a world of variety in product offerings, guarantee reliable end-to-end service, and provide the lowest possible prices, for a seamless and enjoyable overseas shopping experience online.

Launched in 2009, 65Daigou quickly rose to become Singapore’s largest overseas shopping platform, etching its way into the hearts of trendsetters, homemakers and technology enthusiasts, following a coverage by local media Channel 8, Channel U and The Straits Times.

The company is a shopping and shipping agent of Taobao and other selected partner shops across Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, Taiwan and USA, bringing a comprehensive range of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, gourmet, home and electronic goods under one roof. 

For more information, visit www.65daigou.com. [updated]

For more information, visit https://www.ezbuy.com